Despite donating the majority of their Lottery winnings to various good causes, Ray and Barbara Wragg insist they would give the whole lot away if they won again.

Speaking in an interview with the Sun, Mr and Mrs Wragg suggested that gifting £5.5 million of their £7.6 million windfall has given them great joy because they "just love making people happy".

Barbara said: "I look at it this way: £7.6 million is too much for one couple, aged 59 and 62, to spend. As soon as we knew we'd won we made our decision to give much of it away."

Family and friends were the initial benefactors of the Wraggs' generosity, and once the couple made sure their loved ones were all safe and cared for, they began to help charities and even strangers.

Before winning they were in the process of buying their council house. Once they hit the jackpot, they sold their home for a bargain price to allow their buyers to get on the housing ladder. Then, rather than keeping the proceeds they donated the profit, which amounted to over £20,000, to two hospitals in the vicinity.

The Meningitis Trust, MacMillan nurses, Childline, Help the Aged and Help for Heroes were just some of the charities the Wraggs helped with their generous donations.

It’s clear the pair thought hard about who they would give the money to and the first recipient of their generosity was the Hallamshire Hospital where Barbara worked for 22 years. Then they gave money to Weston Park hospital where Barbara's daughter was treated for a rare bone cancer.

Children benefitted too, as the pair bought televisions for kids at a local hospice so they were able to watch from the comfort of their beds. Plus, they paid for children from a deprived inner city school to go to a pantomime for six consecutive years.

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